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Hi everyone,

So I finally have my blog up and running – never really thought I’d be a blogger but hey here we go! I just got back into card-making around September 2017 when we converted my son’s nursery into a crafting space for me – having a designated space has made it so much easier to sit down and create. It has also turned into a pretty great expense as I continue to fill it with ‘necessary’ crafting purchases!

I have always loved crafting, stationary and gifting things to my loved ones so card-making has become an absolutely perfect hobby as it allows me to dabble in so many crafts and hobbies from cross stitching to watercolouring whilst having an end product to make someone happy. From when I was very young I used to love letter writing and had a very large collection of stationary sets – which makes me question whether crafter/hobbyist is just another way of saying a selective hoarder?! I used to write to my cousins and would love getting replies back – I feel that certainly played a part in building the strong bonds I have with them today!

I started making handmade cards about 6 years ago when I was engaged to my now husband and used to send them to him to serve as a more permanent reminder as opposed to texts and emails. It never occurred to me that there was such a big card-making community complete with ‘card-making celebrities’ as my brother likes to say! After getting married I hadn’t really created anything except an odd card here or there and it wasn’t until we moved into our new house and my neighbour gave me a handmade card that I actually thought about taking it up more. Well life gets in the way but each handmade card she gave me whether it be my birthday, or the birth of my son I began to feel more drawn into taking it up as a hobby.

And that’s when I discovered Jennifer Mcguire and Kristina Werner.. oh gosh are their videos so addictive! I discovered this whole new world of unfamiliar tools, products and vocabulary! It took a while to get my head around things like Versamark, multi medium matte and bone folder! Everything became a crafting must have – thankfully I am a lot more selective in what in buy now – well for the most part! I joined instagram in October having not been on social media for about 11 years and it has been great to see how much talent there is out there and opened my eyes to this vast, lovely and supportive community.

So when we decided to move my son into one of the bigger bedrooms….my cardmaking journey was truly alive! I am utterly obsessed and there is no turning back! As a teacher I often find myself drifting off into card-making land and thinking about new ideas and techniques whilst the kids are working! They think I’m a bit obsessed and can’t believe how much I spend on crafting supplies…but deep down I get the feeling they’re pretty impressed by my cards!

Let’s see where this blog leads! If you’re reading thanks for seeing this blog post till the end and visiting my blog 🙂


Halima x